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bed bug image

Bed Bugs

 After a long break from the public eye, bed bugs are back in the spotlight. These pests can be found in a variety of places and may be closer than you think...

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image of bee

Bees and Wasps

Are you unable to enjoy the outdoors due to a troublesome bee or wasp nest? We have the solution for you whether it’s a yellow-jacket wasp or a hornet nest...

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image of mouse


Aside from being a nuisance, mice and rats can pose a serious health risk in your home or business. They carry a wide variety of disease and can cause damage to our food and structures with their gnawing habits...

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image of coackroach


Cockroaches are one of the world’s most tenacious creatures. After decades of dwindling numbers due to the advancement in professional pest control products, they have rebounded with a vengeance...

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image of spider


Spiders can be one of the most common and unsettling pests on your property. From hiding in your basement to spinning their webs on your building exterior to catch prey...

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image of ant

Carpenter ants

Carpenter Ants are common invaders of homes in Southern Ontario. Although their name suggests that they would be an industrious addition to your home...

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We will provide safe pest control solutions for your home or business by focusing on an environmentally responsible approach. It is important to us that we solve your pest problems in a way that ensures your home and work environment is a healthy one.

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