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Bed Bugs

 After a long break from the public eye, bed bugs are back in the spotlight. These pests can be found in a variety of places and may be closer than you think...

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Bees and Wasps

Are you unable to enjoy the outdoors due to a troublesome bee or wasp nest? We have the solution for you whether it’s a yellow-jacket wasp or a hornet nest...

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Aside from being a nuisance, rats and mice can pose a serious health risk in your home or business. They carry a wide variety of disease and can cause damage to our food and structures with their gnawing habits...

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Cockroaches are one of the world’s most tenacious creatures. After decades of dwindling numbers due to the advancement in professional pest control products, they have rebounded with a vengeance...

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Spiders can be one of the most common and unsettling pests on your property. From hiding in your basement to spinning their webs on your building exterior to catch prey...

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Carpenter ants

Carpenter Ants are common invaders of homes in Southern Ontario. Although their name suggests that they would be an industrious addition to your home...

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We will provide safe pest control solutions for your home or business by focusing on an environmentally responsible approach. It is important to us that we solve your pest problems in a way that ensures your home and work environment is a healthy one.

Helping you remove unwanted pests

Progressive Pest Control is  committed to providing environmentally responsible and health sensitive pest control solutions at an affordable price.

With over 25 years of experience, Progressive Pest Control is your local independent expert pest control and pest prevention service supplier. We specialize in all types of residential and commercial service programs whether it’s a one-time pest service or a regularly scheduled prevention program. We are a full-service pest control operation in the province of Ontario.

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What our Customers Say

Beach Bound
Beach Bound
We just used Progressive Pest Control for our first critter problem. The customer service was exceptional from beginning to end. Brad answered all of my questions over the phone and promptly got me an appointment to handle the issue and was very professional and easy to talk to. Matt did the appointment and was on time, super fast, very friendly and educated me on the whole process. He was super informative and made me feel confident that our issue will be resolved. He also offered solutions that would fit any budget, which I appreciated. I highly recommend Progressive Pest Control. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Cam S
Cam S
Progressive were knowledgeable and provided a professional cost effective solution to our specific problem.
Hannah Davidson
Hannah Davidson
Best pest control in Brantford. Highly recommend! Easy choice every time.
Z Chychul
Z Chychul
I can't say enough about how professional, knowledgeable and thorough Brad was!!!! I called this company about a possible pest inside my home and he not only did a full inspection of my main floor and basement but also went around the outside of my home and yard with me and answered all my concerns. He went way beyond what I expected. He assured me I had no intruders and there was no charge for the inspection! If you are looking for a company that is honest and won't take advantage of you this is the one! I would highly recommend this family owned business.
Magic Travis TV
Magic Travis TV
I'm living in a apartment and was wondering pricing for coach treatments, because the one the building supplies is not properly trained. He gave me all advice and wasn't even interested in making money and more interested in helping.he gave me great information and helped me soo much.
Jared Houliston
Jared Houliston
Brad is my go to guy in BRANTFORD FOR PESTS. While I do wildlife control we don’t do insects. And we get calls from clients and we refer them to Brad and his team due to his professionalism, quick response and fair pricing as well as his follow up service. Brad has helped us onsite of our jobs as we can’t do some of our jobs with wasp activity in our work area. One quick call to Brad and he’s always there for us. Use Brad and his team and I can promise you won’t be disappointed. Thanks again Brad.
Rob Langley
Rob Langley
Great team to work with. Very professional and knowledgeable. Took the time to explain everything!
Emily Hanly
Emily Hanly
We used Progressive Pest Control this summer to take care of a wasp issue. Matt was very helpful and knowledgeable. He explained everything he was doing in great detail. Very friendly and we would recommend calling them if you have any issues arise!