Spiders can be one of the most common and unsettling pests on your property. From hiding in your basement to spinning their webs on your building exterior to catch prey.

Are Spiders dangerous?

Most species of spiders in Southern Ontario are more of a nuisance than a danger since very few present a hazard.
The venomous Black Widow and Brown Recluse spiders make an occasional appearance in this area when they are shipped to Canada in goods and produce from their homes in more southern areas.

Black Widows

Southern Ontario is in the extreme north of the Black Widow’s home territory. We are fortunate that we rarely encounter these potentially deadly spiders. With more than 30 recognized species of Widow spiders, most can be identified by the reddish hourglass markings on the underside of the abdomen of the female. If you suspect these spiders inside or outside of your premises, call PROGRESSIVE PEST CONTROL immediately – we can help.

The Brown Recluse Spider

The Brown Recluse spider (also known as the Fiddleback Spider) is not indigenous to Southern Ontario. However, it does make an appearance at times when it hitches a ride with imported goods from its normal habitat. They have been known to establish populations in single dwellings but have not been found to colonize outdoors outside of their traditional territory in the United States. The Brown Recluse has become a recognizable species due to its necrotic venom which causes a deep open sore around the bite as the skin dies. If you suspect Brown Recluse spiders in your home or business, call PROGRESSIVE PEST CONTROL immediately – we can help.

How Progressive Pest Control Can Help

Exterminate spiders from your life by contacting the professionals at PROGRESSIVE PEST CONTROL. We can determine a treatment schedule to prevent the entry of these creepy creatures into your home or business. We can remove unsightly webs too! We are experienced in the safe application of effective products approved by Health Canada. With the use of the right product and the latest methods, we will ensure that your pest problem is exterminated quickly.