Fleas are small parasitic insects that feed on the blood of pets and humans.

Flea bites cause discomfort and can also transmit parasites or disease to us or our beloved pets. There are over 2500 species of fleas worldwide. The most widespread species in Southern Ontario are cat fleas and dog fleas. However, fleas are not only limited to cats and dogs; they can infect other species as well.

Characteristics of fleas

  • Adults are 1 to 4 mm long and are black to reddish-brown in colour.
  • A female cat flea can produce up to 2000 eggs in its lifetime.
  • Fleas have four life cycles that consist of eggs, larvae, pupa and adults (adults represent only 5% of the flea population).
  • Larvae represent the largest proportion of the colony and survive off the host such as pet bedding, couch cushions, cracks in flooring and under baseboards. Larvae can eat a variety of organic matter but are mainly sustained by eating the blood rich feces of the adults.
  • It is imperative to treat both the pet and all areas of the home where the pet inhabits since more than ¾ of a flea’s life is spent in areas other than the host.

How Progressive Pest Control Can Help

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