Residential Pest Control Services

Progressive Pest Control provides residential services to protect your home from damaging and unwanted pests. Our experienced staff are happy to provide you with the type of service you need. We can help you keep your home critter free. Whether you require a one pest solution or a Home Defence plan, we can customize a treatment plan for you. 


Our Home Pest Defence Plan is designed to reduce the risk of pests invading your home year round. Our expert staff will customize a plan to accommodate your needs. Upon consultation, we can schedule a program of three or four visits a year to remedy and prevent what’s bugging you. If any issues arise between your scheduled visits, we will return. At no additional cost to you!

Our Basic residential pest control program will protect your home from many pests. Some of the pest we protect you against are Cockroaches, Mice, Rats, Ants, Spiders, Wasps, Earwigs, Centipedes, Pantry Pests, Flea and much more.

Our PLUS residential services program can be customized to protect you from a number of more troublesome pests such as Bed bugs.


Progressive Pest Control is available to assist with any residential pest control problem that you encounter. Our experienced specialists will work with you to solve your infestation and provide you with a written guarantee. Our knowledgeable technicians at Progressive Pest control will respond fast to rectify your infestation using only safe Health Canada-approved products.

Need help with a pest? Identify a pest or Contact us today to schedule an appointment or speak to a qualified technician. Free estimates available.