Aside from being a nuisance, mice and rats can pose a serious health risk in your home or business. They carry a wide variety of diseases and can cause damage to our food and structures with their gnawing habits.

Characteristics of mice

  • Mice are the most common pest encountered in Southern Ontario. House mice and deer mice live everywhere outside and invade our structures for food and shelter.
  • Mice are opportunistic omnivores that eat insects, fruit, nuts, seeds and virtually everything that is eaten by humans
  • House mice produce 40 – 100 droppings a day and spoil much more food product than they eat.
  • The teeth of mice continue to grow through their lives which cause them to chew constantly to keep their teeth worn down and sharp.


Norway Rats can have litters ranging from 3 – 21 young with up to 12 per year which can lead to an explosive increase in their population over a short period of time.

A rat’s teeth continue to grow throughout their lifespan. The constant gnawing keeps their teeth sharp in order to chew their way into your home.

Rats live in communities with a strict social structure. If you have one in your home, then expect much more to live in your vicinity.


  1. Reduce clutter around the outside of your premises.   Clutter provides harborage for families of mice and rats.
  2. Reduce overgrown vegetation. Trim the branches of bushes and shrubs to prevent mice and rats from making their home on your property.
  3. Control the number of food sources available outside your home such as spilled garbage, birdseed and compost bins.
  4. Seal off potential entry points such as garage door seals, small openings in building foundation and points where utility lines enter the house.


You can abolish rodents in your home or business by calling the knowledgeable professionals at Progressive Pest Control. They will work quickly to remove rats and mice from your home and set up a program to prevent future infestations. Ask about our rodent proofing service to repair the entry points on your premises so these unwelcomed pests evacuate your home and keep out!