Carpenter Ants are common invaders of homes in Southern Ontario. Although their name suggests that they would be an industrious addition to your home, these pests can actually cause significant damage as they tunnel through wood structures to build their nests. The two dominant species of carpenter ants are the Northern Carpenter Ant (black abdomen with reddish thorax and head) and the more common Pennsylvanian Carpenter Ant (completely black).

Characteristics of carpenter ants

  • Carpenter ants are separated into castes with specific jobs inside their colonies (queen, worker, reproductive)
  • Workers are most commonly seen in a residence and range from 6 – 12 mm.
  • Mature colonies contain approximately 3000 or more individual ants.
  • Carpenter ant colonies can consist of one large singular main nest or there may be additional satellite nests that are related to the main nest.


Do I have carpenter ants in my home?

The presence of large ½ inch dark ants crawling across your kitchen floor does not necessarily mean that there is a nest in your home. However, this is an indication that a nest is nearby and there may a whole colony waiting to move in or set up a satellite location in your home.

Carpenter ants are commonly found in areas of the home that have experienced water damage such as:

  • Window sills
  • Door sills
  • Fascia
  • Kitchens and washrooms
  • Wooden structures around the home (fences, porches, and decks)


Workers are not the only kind that you may find in your home. If you encounter flying reproductives, you need to call the professionals at Progressive Pest Control immediately as this is a definite sign that there is a nest on your premises.

How Progressive Pest Control can help

Carpenter ants can be difficult to find and treat since they nest in hidden locations in your home. The experienced technicians at PROGRESSIVE PEST CONTROL have the knowledge and tools to solve any carpenter ant problem. The products we use are approved and certified by Health Canada.